Melco | Eight to Twelve for Life Initiative
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Eight to Twelve for Life Initiative

Eight to Twelve for Life Initiative

Learners are selected on merit from the top achievers at Ekurhuleni Primary School, which is situated only a few hundred meters away from Melco.
This initiative started in 2011 with six young girls, Melco now sponsors twelve pupils from the Dukathole  Community.

The chosen learners attend Germiston High School and Melco pays all school fees from Grade 8 to Grade 12 for these learners. Costs cover all extra mural activities, cost of daily transport to and from school. Melco also supplies all uniforms for school and kits for extra mural activities as well as school books and stationery. Some of the extra mural activities enjoyed by the pupils include; karate, rowing and basketball. Melco also pays for the learners to attend coaching sessions and tournaments.

The learners make use of Melco’s offices and Internet facilities for project and study purposes in a designated class room assigned to them. Melco staff members provide extra tutoring when required and if necessary.

“Our goal for these young learners is that we give them every opportunity to fulfil their obvious potential,”

says Melco managing director Gavin Hall.

“We are deeply humbled by how hard they have worked in their young lives to overcome very obvious hardships. The least we can do is help them continue to achieve, by taking away the burden of the cost of schooling for the duration of their high school careers.”

“If these learners achieve their goals, whatever they may be, then Melco will have played a small part in helping our local community and our country”

Gavin Hall concludes.