Melco | Goba Mining Supply and Contracts
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Goba Mining Supply and Contracts

Goba Mining Supply and Contracts

Established in 2006 by Goodman Kwaza and George Bathne, Goba Mining Supply and Contracts currently has a BEE Level 3 rating, and is a 100% black-owned company.
Goba currently employs 17 staff members and are recognised as an ‘exempted micro enterprise’.

Goba undertakes sub-contracting jobs from Melco which include drilling, machining, welding, bending and assembly (general engineering). Goba also subcontracts to other companies in the bulk material handling industry.

Melco’s contribution to supplier development is to create a more sustainable business enterprise through Goba, which in turn assists in creating work opportunities for people in the local community, and contributes to the economic growth of the Germiston South area.

Melco continues to assist Goba, and offers preferential payment terms (generally COD) to assist in their growth.